The director of Credit Training Services, Peter Ligeti MICM (who also facilitates all of the workshops) has been conducting training services to companies and businesses in both Australia and New Zealand for the past 30 years.

Peter has been in the credit industry for 46 years and his time has been spent in both the credit management and debt collection areas which brings a unique blend of experience to each workshop.

He has held positions from a junior credit officer to team leader to credit manager to state manager to general manager to business owner and company director.

Peter is also a current member of the Australian Institute of Credit Management and has been since 1988 and has also previously held a position of Councillor.

Peter is also the current manager of a small debt collection agency – Collections Australia – who are collecting debts in many diverse industries for example: Private Schools, Medical, Building Industry, Transport to name a few.

Peter has extensive experience in the collection of debts in nearly every industry from Banks to Government departments along with the few named aboved which allows him to be able to conduct the workshops from a practical perspective rather from a theoretical point of view.